About Us

We've been working over the past 10 years creating a simple drag and drop interface to make artificial intelligence something everybody can use.

Existing Usages

We work across a broad range of industries and provide superior services from simple IVA's to full end to end conversational AI platforms.

World Food Program Logo
United Nations World Food Programme

In 2020 we provided AI services for COVID-19 test scheduling through COVID Schedule and were introduced to the United Nations Technology Innovations Lab through a call for technology innovation partners.

This resulted with our name being circulated around the UN agency to see where our services would also be beneficial.

One of the first introductions to come from this was the World Food Programme who were at times struggling to keep up with call demand and having a high abandon rate (unanswered calls).

Naturally a good fit for an AI agent, we set about integrating their existing workflows into a custom AI agent. The results have been fantastic and the abandonment rate has dropped to zero percent. Now their existing employees have been able to focus on more specialized tasks because of our technology.

COVID Schedule Logo
COVID Schedule

At the beginning of the COVID outbreak there was a need to set up large scale testing sites in the United States, and while this worked, they quickly became overwhelmed with volume. Lines went on for miles and it immediately became apparent that appointment scheduling would be required.

There were a few problems with this. First off, the group that needed testing the most was least likely to be comfortable with technology, and so some type of voice interaction would be required. Due to the pandemic it was close to impossible to staff a call center at the size required to field all the calls.

Our AI virtual agent proved a perfect fit. Once deployed, lines instantly disappeared, while keeping sites at capacity and provided interfaces to the system via telephone, web, and chat.