Interactive Voice Assistants

Conversational AI creates simple solutions for everyday business.

Grow Smart

Small to midsize businesses need as much help as possible in growing their business. One of the most costly areas of your business is staffing. Our Ai agents can help by replacing certain employees with technology as well as creating efficiencies in your business allowing you to focus on the necessary things you need to grow.


Retail industries have used Conversational AI to handle customer transactions including; new orders, returns, refunds, and appointment setting, as well as FAQ such as store hours.


Can be used for booking or cancelling reservations, placing orders, and answering common questions.

Travel & hospitality

Travel and hospitality industries use this technology for things like booking reservations, providing responses to commonly asked questions, offering services such as wake up calls, extending stays and common requirements such as room service and other beneficial guest experiences.


The health care field has many uses for this technology. Scheduling and changing appointments, bill payment solutions, and customer account management to name a few.

Example Use Cases

Food Ordering

Restaurants and takeout can be ordered via a virtual agent thus allowing for more efficient order taking and reducing employee stress during peak hours.

Appointment Setting/confirmation

Can be used by private practices and doctors to schedule appointments, change a scheduled appointment or do a follow-up confirmation.

Technician Dispatch

AI can be used to create a support ticket for a retail customer experiencing issue. Utilizing scheduling integration, our AI can then schedule a technician to travel onsite to troubleshoot and correct the issue.

Customer Service

Retail stores can utilize our AI to improve searching and send notifications about new products.

In-Store Assistant

AI can help customers find what they need in a store by monitoring inventory and relative location of products and can even be programmed for multiple languages.

Reservation Information

Can receive hotel or travel reservation info, such as confirmation on length or date of stay as well as confirm or cancel a reservation or make modifications.